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Welcome to the NGO “Djeca Crne Gore” site

Dear visitors, our organization advocates and works for the benefits and the best interests of the child. In our work we apply models of good practice in the field of social inclusion, scientific and technical research, and connecting institutions. We also work directly with children, their parents, guardians and teachers, in order to improve the social life and the realization of children's rights. In particular, we focus on marginalized children, children with special educational needs and children at risk in Montenegro.


About us

NGO "Children of Montenegro" was established at the end of 2009. The founders are former employees of the international humanitarian organization "Save the Children UK". With the closure of that organization, they felt the need to continue their work because they have significant experience in project management, conducting various trainings, public representation, etc.

We are a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization that deals with social inclusion, through providing support and assistance to marginalized children, children with special educational needs and children at risk. The association works to establish better cooperation between the governmental and non-governmental sectors dealing with social inclusion. The areas of activity of the association are: child protection and inclusive education.




Our vision is a Montenegro that respects children's rights, invests in young lives and sensitizes children at risk. The mission is positive changes in the lives of children and young people through professional help and support. Directly to the children or the state institution where they live or study. In order to create greater opportunities and potential for the child to develop in accordance with abilities and possibilities, and to be accepted by peers and the environment without prejudices and differences.