NGO "Children of Montenegro" from Tuzi, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tuzi, launched the campaign "Let's Jump Over Obstacles" in February.

As part of the project "Cooperation to a better position of LSI in Tuzi" supported by the Center for Civic Education (CEO) within the program of CSOs in Montenegro - from basic services to policy formulation - M'BASE, which is funded by the European Union.
The campaign is implemented with the aim of increasing the awareness of persons with disabilities and citizens of Tuzi about the rights of persons with disabilities as well as children and youth with developmental disabilities in various fields and areas such as education, social protection, employment, etc. based on the Local Action Plan for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities from Discrimination and the Promotion of Equality in Tuzi for the period 2021-2023.
Within this project, activities were carried out that led to the creation of the Campaign, such as training for representatives of the monitoring group to monitor the implementation of the LAP, training for teaching staff for better implementation and monitoring of the goals of inclusive education, support workshops for parents of children with disabilities in development and workshops for children with developmental disabilities and many other activities.
As part of this campaign, promotional material, billboards, brochures, visuals for social networks, video clips on examples of good practice in the employment of LSI, guest appearances on TV, etc. were created.
The campaign lasts from February 25 to April 10, 2022.