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A gift-giving party for children and young people, members of the non-governmental association "Children of Montenegro", was held December 23, 2022.

Photo competition "Safety LSI in traffic"

Citizens of Tuzi have the right to participate in the competition by sending a photo.

Koha Javore on the organization of a round table on the topic "Harmonization of regulations with the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities".

"Overcoming the obstacles" is the new campaign of the association Femijet e Mali te Mali in cooperation with the Municipality of Tuzi, carried out on the basis of the project "Cooperation for the best position of persons with disabilities in Tuz" supported by the Civic Education Center CGO.

The executive director of the "Children of Montenegro" NGO, Sabra Decević, has called on all officials in important positions to create laws and policies for the realization of children's rights, namely to children's rights guaranteed by the United Nations Convention, to be the priority of their work agenda.

Two workshops were organized for parents and children on the topic of "media literacy and information" on June 9, 2022 in the premises of the "Children of Montenegro" NGO.