Index offers to schools a supportive process of self-assessment and development, which is based on the views of the school staff, pupils, parents / guardians, and other community members.

It involves a detailed study on the ways of reducing barriers to learning and participation of all students at school. The Index is a way to improve schools in line with the inclusive values. It is not an alternative to increase success, but to get the achievements in a way that will create a relationship based on cooperation and improve the environment for teaching and learning process.
Application of the Index provides school s with a variety of approaches to inclusion, depending on the conditions and the needs of the schools.
Implementation of training programs for Inclusion Index includes several objectives related to: Information on children’s rights and inclusive movement in the world and in our introduction to the methodology of the Index for Inclusion, training in setting priorities within the school, training to design activities that will enhance inclusive culture, policies and practices of the school.
Index for inclusion affects: the promotion and development of interpersonal relationships involved in the research process, achieving better cooperation between teachers-students and parents, developing mechanisms for evaluating the degree of inclusiveness of schools.
As part of this program, in order to include students in a creative way in the process of school evaluation, we have developed the child's version of the Index for Inclusion.