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No hate online ...

Advances in technology and the development of the Internet have resulted in the expansion of human interaction, information flow, and discovery. A century ago, similar to science fiction and impossible in practice, today it is the everyday life of all of us, especially when it comes to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Education against prejudices

Although the law guarantees equality to all citizens regardless of national / ethnic origin, language, religion, and other individual and group differences, the need to learn to respect and appreciate the difference is more than needed in all spheres of life and regardless of profession.

Index for inclusion

Index offers to schools a supportive process of self-assessment and development, which is based on the views of the school staff, pupils, parents / guardians, and other community members.

Child version "Index ...

The Index for Inclusion is the process of finding a solution to remove barriers to learning and active participation of all students in school activities. Index is a guide to schools to become places where the uniqueness of each child is accepted.

Dialogue for the future

In evaluating people, we should judge more on the basis of facts, concrete actions and behavior. In this way, everyone would have the opportunity to show what they really are, in their entirety, despite or in spite of appearance, belonging to a nation, religion, social group, gender, age, etc.