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About us

About us

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NGO “Djeca Crne Gore” was founded by the end of year 2009. The founders are former employees of the international humanitarian organization Save the Children UK. With the closing process of this organization in the region, its employees felt the need to continue working on the programs implemented by the Save the Children.

Therefore, members of the organization have significant experience of project management, in the implementation of various trainings, advocacy, etc.
NGO "Children of Montenegro” was founded as a non-party, non-profit organization dealing with social inclusion through the provision of support and help to marginalized children, children with special educational needs and children at risk. The association is working on establishing better cooperation between government and CSO’s dealing with social inclusion. Fields of work are: child protection and inclusive education.
   The goal of this organization is application of good models of practice in the field of social inclusion, scientific and professional research, networking of institutions and specific actions in order to improve the social life and the realization of children's rights, with the focus on marginalized children, children with special educational needs and children at risk in Montenegro.

Main target groups are:

  • Children with special educational needs, children at risk and generally marginalized children
  • Parents of children with special needs and marginalized children, as well as children at risk
  • Teachers, school principals, professional services
  • Media, the general public
  • Civil society
  • Government sector, etc.
    Bodies of the Association are the Assembly and legal representative (President of the organization). The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Association. Assembly consists of all members of the organization.
       Vision: Montenegro working on the respect of child’s rights, and investing in young people’s lives and is sensitized to the issue of children at risk.
       Mission of Djeca Crne Gore is to make a positive change in the lives of children and young people in Montenegro through expertise and direct help to children and Institutions where children live or learn, for the purpose of creating bigger chances and potential for the child to develop in accordance to its skills and potential, and be accepted by his/her peers and the community without prejudices and differences. Work on child’s rights - our strength is respecting child's rights and advocating provision of a happy childhood.
       The organization achieves the objectives through the following activities
  • Organizes alone or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, seminars and other forms of professional education in these areas
  • Informs parents of children with disabilities and children at risk on the existing services, and organizations that provide these services on the local and national level
  • Encourages in a creative way the inclusion of children in the advocacy process and decision-making processes
  • Advocates for the welfare and best interests of the child
  • Sensitize the public for the problems of children with disabilities, marginalized children and the protection of children at risk
  • Provide support to the initiative of NGO’s in the implementation of similar projects dealing with the topic of protection and inclusive education
  • Organizes and advocates for child's rights and respect of human rights
  • Brings together experts in this field to share knowledge and skills in working with this target group
  • Organizes workshops, seminars and trainings for public agencies, NGOs, children on the topics of social inclusion in the direction of developing tolerance for diversity and overcoming prejudices
  • Develops and encourages volunteerism and active participation of young people in programs of child care
  • Operates and supports the government and other organizations and associations in the field of social policy, law, education and health care to improve the status/position of children
  • implementation of activities in the whole country.


Zastava EU veceEuropean Union through the Delegation of the EU to Montenegro through the project „Support to Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities in Montenegro" that is implemented by NGO "STAZE" in partnership with NGO "DJECA CRNE GORE" supported development of the website of NGO "Djeca Crne Gore".

No hate online ...

Advances in technology and the development of the Internet have resulted in the expansion of human interaction, information flow, and discovery. A century ago, similar to science fiction and impossible in practice, today it is the everyday life of all of us, especially when it comes to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Index for inclusion

Index offers to schools a supportive process of self-assessment and development, which is based on the views of the school staff, pupils, parents / guardians, and other community members.

Education against prejudices

Although the law guarantees equality to all citizens regardless of national / ethnic origin, language, religion, and other individual and group differences, the need to learn to respect and appreciate the difference is more than needed in all spheres of life and regardless of profession.

Dialogue for the future

In evaluating people, we should judge more on the basis of facts, concrete actions and behavior. In this way, everyone would have the opportunity to show what they really are, in their entirety, despite or in spite of appearance, belonging to a nation, religion, social group, gender, age, etc.

Child version "Index ...

The Index for Inclusion is the process of finding a solution to remove barriers to learning and active participation of all students in school activities. Index is a guide to schools to become places where the uniqueness of each child is accepted.